Melody Cook Photography | Kristie Ledbetters Maternity Session

Kristie Ledbetters Maternity Session

October 25, 2017  •  3 Comments

So, this is Kristie's second maternity session with me!  Her first one, we knew Mackenzie Faith was on her way.  Now, we eagerly await Carson Williams arrival!  As I was going through these photos, you could see the excitement on Mackenzie's face when we talked about her baby brother!  She told me that she was going to be a "great big sister" to him.  We went out behind Maryville College, and as most photographers know, it's beautiful this time of year.  The sun was going down and we just "played'.  I'm so excited that Tyler and Kristie are expanding their family, they are wonderful parents!  I can not wait to meet Carson as he should be here in a few weeks!!!  Enjoy this session at the College!!!


Rick Ledbetter(non-registered)
My heart is just bubbling over with joy!!! Great Pictures of a loving Family!!
Vicki Ledbetter(non-registered)
So precious! We love our growing family!
Lisa McCarter(non-registered)
I love all the pictures,you got some great pictures of McKenzie Faith with her Mom and Dad!!
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