Melody Cook Photography | Elijah Ballard

Elijah Ballard

September 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Elijah Ballard!!  A spunky, feisty, aspiring actor and dancer. I have known Elijah's dad since college, got to know his mom over the years as well.  His younger sister, Gracie, is also a young actress!!  When he needed some headshots, I was happy to oblige!!  We spent an afternoon in downtown Maryville, just walking around and then visited the Capital Theater where he showed me some of his dance moves!!  The camera truly loved him so there is no doubt in my mind he'll show up on the big screen some day! We had a great time and found some neat places to shoot!!  Even found a snake (he wasn't part of the shoot!!!!).  Enjoy Eli's photos, and watch for him in commercials or on stage!  Good Luck Eli!!



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