Melody Cook Photography | Blake Shephard Class of 2017

Blake Shephard Class of 2017

October 30, 2016  •  2 Comments

It's not every day one gets to explore a former movie set let alone photograph it. But I got to do just that!  Blake is a Senior at Heritage High School, and will graduate in May of 2017.  He is an actor a singer a comedian and all around great guy!  When his mom asked me to do some senior photos of him on her family's property, I was so excited!!!  Back in the early 90's, Actress Kelly Martin starred in an American period drama series called "Christy" for 20 episodes.  It was based on a novel by Catherine Marshall inspired by the experiences of the author's mother and became a best seller in 1968 (Wikipedia).  The story evolves around fictional character Christy Huddleston, a new teacher arriving in Cutter's Gap, Tennessee, 1912.  As it turns out, the series was filmed on location in Townsend, Tennessee on Blake's grandparents property!  They kept the set built on the property along with several prop pieces inside the buildings.  I can see why this area was scouted by the producers of the series!!  It is a beautiful area that you can't get to by road, only walking!  

Blake was a wonderful sport in playing along with some of my shenanigans (since it's almost Halloween). But, he could also be a model too!  That HAIR!!  We had such a blast on this property, even enlisted his mom, Melissa into helping me with lighting!!!  She's a natural!!  Enjoy these photos and this handsome Senior!  Congratulations Blake, you'll do great!!


I love the last one, classic white tshirt & distressed jeans mountain view handsome guy. Looks like an album cover!
Congrats Blake! Great pics!
Melissa Payne(non-registered)
Melody....what an amazing job! I literally cried in the grocery the potato chip aisle. Brian had to bring me back to earth. Thank you for taking such wonderful pictures of my son. Can't wait to see the rest.
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