Melody Cook Photography | Tom & Sarah Harris & Baby Girl

Tom & Sarah Harris & Baby Girl

September 22, 2015  •  1 Comment

So, right now, they are calling their new baby girl "Ruby".  I love that name!! To me, Ruby is a gem, a beautiful, bright, sparkly thing!!  That would be a perfect name for her.  I've known Sarah for many years, back to our old Belk days.  She has a son, Carson and now has 4 step daughters which makes them a family of 8!!!  She married Tom on the very place we did their maternity photos - it was only right!  They are a fun couple, so right for each other.  He is so tender and caring for her and that new baby.  He makes her laugh and laughs at himself as well (see pumpkin photo)!!!  I wish them all the best with their new baby girl and I can not wait to meet her!!!!




Susan Smith Eppinger(non-registered)
These photos are absolutely beautiful. I too have known Melody Cook and Sarah for many years. Praying for a beautiful delivery of a beautiful baby girl. So happy for Sara and Tom. Congratulations guys.
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