Haylee & Brad

May 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My first destination wedding this season took place at the beautiful Tapoco Lodge, nestled in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina just over the Tennesssee-North Carolina border.  This lodge was built in the 1930's right next to Fontana Dam by the Aluminum Company of America.  It has several cabins on the property which housed the workers that built the dam.  There are walking trails, a movie theater and/or event hall, an old mock gas station and a restaurant.  Twice a year, Tapoco hosts an "water release" event as the dam releases the water into the adjoining river and it swells!  The lodge usually sells out during this time to watch the kayakers, canoer's rustle with the water's rapids.  This is the place that Haylee and Brad chose to have their wedding.  Both Haylee and Brad spend 6 months out of the year right outside of Chicago - the other 6 months in Tennessee.  Haylee's parents live just up the road in Tellico Village, Monroe County.  

I was so happy when Haylee asked me to shoot this wedding!  She is the most happy person I know!  She made her veil!!!  It was beautiful!  Their wedding was a small, intimate affair with just family and friends.  The surroundings made this wedding the most beautiful wedding I've seen!!! Haylee and Brad have known each other for about 7years - Haylee is a painter and that's how they met!  She was a subsitute for a painter that couldn't make a job and the rest is history!  Her cake was sent here on dry ice to stay fresh, crossing several states (it was still a little frozen when they tried to cut it)!  I had so much fun with these two that I can honestly say, I've made some new Chicago friends!!!  The BEST PART??  The finger mustaches!!!  This wedding was nothing short of PERFECT!  I wish Brad and Haylee all the best in the world!!!


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