Renee Stafford

June 21, 2015  •  1 Comment

Meet Renee!  Renee is a photography student at Pellissippi State Community College and has chosen Melody Cook Photography to do her internship.  Renee likes event photography.  She has done some sport photography and eventually wants to get into wedding photography.  She shoots with an Olympus E4-20 and uses a telephoto lens for her sports photography, has a wide angle lens and her kit lens.  I can not wait to teach her what I have learned along the way and I am sure she will teach me a few things as well.  Her boyfriend, Thomas, is a videographer which will come in handy when she starts her wedding photography after she graduates in May 2016.  It will be a pleasure having her along on my wild ride!!  For those who have booked sessions and weddings with me, she will be working along side me learning the tools of the trade.  She has her own Facebook page at Nae's Photography, so go on and give her page a like!!!



Hi Renee! :D Liked!
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