Melody Cook Photography: Blog en-us (C) Melody Cook Photography (Melody Cook Photography) Thu, 07 Jun 2018 13:47:00 GMT Thu, 07 Jun 2018 13:47:00 GMT Melody Cook Photography: Blog 80 120 6 Month Old Carson Ledbetter Meet Carson!  Carson is the 6 month old son of my sweet friends Kristie and Tyler Ledbetter.  I met the Ledbetters at church and went through BOTH of Kristie's pregnancies (I did her maternity photos of her first born, Mackenzie).  Tyler is the one of the Youth Leaders at Everett Hills Baptist church, Kristie works at our hospital.  This is one of the sweetest couples you'll ever meet and it shows in their children as well!  I have been taking photos of this family  for years and have watched Mackenzie grow up through my lens.  So, it's only natural that when Carson was born, I would hope to take his photo as well.  We tried to do his three month photos, but it was during a time that I send my camera bodies off for cleaning, calibrating, and fine-tuning before my wedding season so we opted for 6 month photos and I'm so glad we did.  They came to my house where I have a studio (especially if the weather is not optimal for outdoor photos).  Carson was just the SWEETEST baby boy!  He was a little unsure of my camera at first, but once I got to talking to him and he could see my face, he was all smiles!  His big sis was also instrumental in helping keep his attention for me!  You can truly see the love between these siblings as Mackenzie calls him "bubby".  Once it was Mackenzie's turn to be photographed, she wanted to show me how it is to be a "Princess" and let me tell you, SHE NAILED IT!  

As a photographer, we sometimes get repetitious in posing so I tried my best to find different ways of photographing my clients.  In Carson's case, I found some black bow-ties that were once my husbands (when he worked at the movie theater) and thought "naked baby with bow tie"!!  OMG! Was he adorable or what?????  I always incorporate the family in baby photos so the baby stays calm.  I did get some adorable crying baby photos too, but even then - adorable!  I just love this family and can't wait to watch Carson grow up like his big sister.  


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Thomas & Renee's Carnival Engagement I love it when my couples are adventurous!!!!  You may remember Renee from a couple of years ago as she interned with Melody Cook Photography for her photography class at Pellissippi State.  Let me just say that she's a wonderful sports photographer and shot for some area high schools!!  Thomas is a videographer (they met at school) - in fact, he helped on a recent movie that was shot in the Knoxville area "The Last Moviestar" staring Burt Reynolds!  How's that for credit to your trade?????  Anyway, these lovebirds are getting married in August and I can't wait to be a part of their special day!

That brings me to their engagement shoot!  Thomas didn't want the usual barn, field shoot so we opted for the carnival while it was in town and let me tell you how much fun we had!!!  Yes, they rode the rides!  Yes, they ate the food! Yes, they played the games!  It was cloudy, then sunny, then cloudy, then sunny but luckily, NO rain!!!!  These two were so much fun, I laughed the whole time!!!!! Big Rock Amusements were so accommodating during our shoot - they let us use their props and the characters were fun to include! I highly recommend doing a carnival shoot if it comes to your hometown!  Enjoy these photos!  I really enjoyed taking them!


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Harvey Yates 9 Months I've been documenting this little man's journey since before he was born and now this little heart-breaker is nine months old.  A little back story:  Harvey was on the news after his birth on Alcoa Highway (link here;  He's is the happiest baby!!!  I have photographed him and his sister Raegan since her birth as well!  I loved this lifestyle shoot at the Yates home.  You can see for yourself how much fun this little family of four is.  I love all of them; Morgan, Nick, Raegan and Harvey!  Can't wait for his one year birthday shoot!!!!  Keep watching!!!


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Jasmyne Clark - Class of 2018 MHS Rebels Jasmyne is a Senior at Maryville High School!!  Class of 2018!!  I've know Jasmyne since she was small, in fact, her mother worked with me for a short period at a local department store.  We reconnected at church where Jasmyne is part of a very active youth group! She enjoys coffee, shopping and spending time with her family!  Jasmyne, her mom and myself enjoyed a lovely afternoon in Downtown Knoxville walking around Market Square, the Old City and Jackson Terminal.  We slipped into some coffee shops (as I myself have a love with coffee)!  This pictures represent who Jasmyne is!  She is smart, beautiful and spunky!  I was honored to photograph her!!  Congrats on your Senior year Jazzy!!  I wish you every success!!!  Much Love!!!

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Kristie Ledbetters Maternity Session So, this is Kristie's second maternity session with me!  Her first one, we knew Mackenzie Faith was on her way.  Now, we eagerly await Carson Williams arrival!  As I was going through these photos, you could see the excitement on Mackenzie's face when we talked about her baby brother!  She told me that she was going to be a "great big sister" to him.  We went out behind Maryville College, and as most photographers know, it's beautiful this time of year.  The sun was going down and we just "played'.  I'm so excited that Tyler and Kristie are expanding their family, they are wonderful parents!  I can not wait to meet Carson as he should be here in a few weeks!!!  Enjoy this session at the College!!!

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Harvey Yates 6 Months So by now, you've met Harvey. This adorable 6 month old came to us on Alcoa Highway!!!  He is a local celebrity, been on the news and everything!!  I have been taking this family's photos for some time now and I have to tell you, they are the best!  I love doing family photos.  I get to see and feel the bond between kids and parents, brothers and sisters, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters and all the above.  I also love taking milestone photos such as this one, Harvey is 6 months old and all smiles!  I just adore this family. 


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The Ardens plus ONE! So these guys are probably one of my most favorite families!  They took a chance on an unknown photographer years ago, then after family sessions and a maternity session, now a ONE year old session later...This beautiful family is amazing!  They love camping!!!  Emmerson was two years old when I met her and now she's almost 5!!!  Edelie Mae just turned one and LOVES to be photographed!  They met me in Alcoa (at my secret spot) on a beautiful, cool Saturday and we just started taking photos!  As you can see, I didn't do much work!  I can't wait to watch these girls grow!  I'm sure you will watch them too!!  Enjoy!

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The Millers - Mia and Lucas This is Mia (7) and Lucas (1) Miller along with their 3 month old cousin, Clover.  I met the Millers through my husband.  Cameron and Brandon have been friends for many years.  We were at their wedding!!!  I was so excited when they asked me to photograph their children and baby Clover was a BONUS!!  We met at UT Gardens and let me tell you it was H.O.T.!  By the end of this session, I was soaked, the kids were soaked, but we had SO much fun exploring!!!  These kids were amazing to photograph.  Believe it or not, little Lucas LOVES AC/DC so we played it for him and he smiled the whole time!!!  Whatever works right????  Show these beautiful children some love!!!!


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Harvey Yates 3 Months I always love it when this family comes to visit.  I've known the Yates for some time now and have been photographing them since Reagan was 3 months old.  We always have such a good time together and they are soooo super sweet!!!  Their little boy, Harvey just turned 3 months old!  You may remember them from being on WBIR news (link here - by the way he entered this world, but he's here and he's a happy baby!!!  Big Sis Reagan adores him!  She is a sassy, energetic 3 year old and an excellent helper!  He and his sister are adorable children! Look at their parents!  How gorgeous are they???  I'm sure you'll see more of Harvey, Reagan, Morgan and Nick!!!  From singing Jesus Loves Me to eating cashews and cookies - what more could we ask for?

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Nick Quigg - Maryville High School Senior Meet Nick!  A very talented Maryville High School athlete.  Plays basketball and Football.  We had a blast during his Senior session at RT Lodge in the Maryville College Woods.  We incorporated all that he loves; his championship ring, his basketball and football, his jeep and his parents!  His dad is the President of the company I work for.  With both his mom and dad there, we were all belly laughing at all the shenanigans!!!  I wish Nick the best as his enters his college days and especially during the summer when he works for........wait for it........ HIS DAD!!  Enjoy!!!


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Morgan Yates Maternity Session So, you may recognize this beauty!  I've been taking their photos for some time now.  Even when their first little one was 3 months old!!!  Now, Morgan is expecting her second child with husband Nick and I could NOT wait to do her maternity photos.  In fact, when this session took place, she was one week out from her due date!!!!  She was determined to get these photos before her baby came!  Morgan nor Nick knows what their baby will be, so it will be a total surprise to them.  Nick, Morgan and sweet girl, Raegan came to my house for her session in my brand new re-done studio and I couldn't be happier with they way they turned out.  Plus the grounds around my house made for a beautiful backdrop of this sweet family.  I am so blessed to call this family my friends.  I can't wait to show off her new baby SOON!!!

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LaBreanna & Justin's Sequoyah Engagement LaBre (as I call her) and Justin came to me through a referral and once I got to know them I just fell in love with them!  These two are the most fun couple that I've been around.  LaBre is outgoing, funny, beautiful and just fun to be around.  Justin is quiet, funny and willing to hang on to LaBre's shenanigans which makes him funny too!  So, they are perfect for each other.  LaBre and Justin met me at the Sequoyah Museum and grounds in Vonore for their engagement photos.  I LOVE taking photos at this location because it's surrounded by water, fields, trees and an old road with old trees that just wraps around my couples like they are being held.  We spent several hours together while they were themselves.  I just followed along and snapped the photos.  So what you see here, they are in REAL LIFE!!!  I can NOT wait for their wedding in April!!  Enjoy this couple as I did!!!!

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Sherissa & James Engagement The saying goes, "you have to kiss alot of frogs, before you find your Prince Charming" and Sherissa did just that!  James came along at just the right time in her life!  He has seen her through alot of things and has remained at her side through it all.  There aren't enough lovers like these two!!!  I spent an afternoon with them and just watched as they gazed at each other, kissed each other, held hands, and as this love blooms, so will their lives together in April of this year!  Sheri made my wedding cake almost 7 years ago!!!!  She is one of the sweetest, kindest souls and a wonderful friend that you will ever have!  I was beyond thrilled to do her's and James' engagement photos as I couldn't shoot their wedding (I had already been booked when they chose their date).  So, this was my gift to the happy couple.  I love engagement shoots like this one because it exudes LOVE!!!  I just love being around those that are in love.  I am so excited for my sweet co-worker and her fiance that I could just burst!!!

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Courtney & Josh's Smoky Mountain Wedding My last wedding of 2016 was of Courtney and Josh!  You may remember their Neyland Stadium Engagement shoot early in the year.  Josh is a Big UT fan as you will see with the grooms cake late in the blog.  Courtney and Josh decided to get married at New Era Baptist Church and as it turns out, Courtney's Aunt and Uncle were married at the exact same church.  Their reception was to be held at the Pigeon Forge Community Center but a week before the wedding, tragedy struck as the worst wildfires in Gatlinburg/Smoky Mountain history ravaged much of the landscape and lot of people lost their homes and their lives.  At that point, the Pigeon Forge Community Center had turned into a shelter for those displaced by the wildfires.  Another Church stepped up and offered Courtney and Josh a place to hold their reception.  It was a beautiful, modern church with gorgeous views of Pigeon Forge.  All's well that ended well.  We had a blast with these guys!  The wedding party was a hoot to work with!!! Enjoy this beautiful couple and their wedding day!  Brandon and I wish you guys the best and thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful day!!


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Staci Dean Maternity Meet Staci and Eddie Dean!!  Staci is the granddaughter of my grandfather's sister (figure that out)!  Anyway, Staci is due to give birth to a sweet, baby boy any day now!!  I was so excited to do her maternity photos.  We shot at the Sequoyah Museum in Vonore and if you've never been here, you don't know what you are missing!  Such a beautiful, serene place on the lake.  Everyone loves it there!  This is Staci's first baby - Carl Elliott Dean, and I can NOT wait to meet this little bundle once he arrives!!!  Pregnancy definitely agrees with her!  She is so beautiful with that glow!!!! 

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Ledbetters Fall Family Photos I just love this family so much!!  I remember when Kristie announced that she and Tyler were pregnant!!  I took maternity photos for her!  Then Mackenzie Faith was born and I've been photographing her since!!  We met at church!  Kristie is a nurse and Tyler is a tech guru at Denso!  They are so involved in their church and their community, it makes me proud to call them my friends!  And Mackenzie!!!!  OMG!  The camera loves her!!! This little darling is so good for me, I could take her pictures all day long!!!  Can't wait to watch her grow up!!!

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Shaunia and Brandon's September Wedding I don't know about you, but I believe this has been the hottest summer on record! I didn't think that when Shaunia picked out this gorgeous dress she knew it would be a HOT September wedding day.  Nevertheless, she was absolutely stunning it in!!!!!  Shaunia and Brandon met when they both worked at Panera Bread.  They are the cutest couple and I don't think I've ever photographed a more HAPPY bride!  We did Shaunia and Brandon's engagement photos at the same venue and let me say that this is the prettiest place if you want an outdoor venue complete with barn and bridal suite!  The Barn at Wildwood Springs is a short drive out of Maryville but so worth it to have the Smoky Mountains as your backdrop for your special day!  I absolutely loved the miss-matched dresses in the same color!! These beauties came from Dillards Department Store.  Shaunia's dress came from Davids Bridal and what a lovely choice because it was soooo beautiful on her!!!

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Blake Shephard Class of 2017 It's not every day one gets to explore a former movie set let alone photograph it. But I got to do just that!  Blake is a Senior at Heritage High School, and will graduate in May of 2017.  He is an actor a singer a comedian and all around great guy!  When his mom asked me to do some senior photos of him on her family's property, I was so excited!!!  Back in the early 90's, Actress Kelly Martin starred in an American period drama series called "Christy" for 20 episodes.  It was based on a novel by Catherine Marshall inspired by the experiences of the author's mother and became a best seller in 1968 (Wikipedia).  The story evolves around fictional character Christy Huddleston, a new teacher arriving in Cutter's Gap, Tennessee, 1912.  As it turns out, the series was filmed on location in Townsend, Tennessee on Blake's grandparents property!  They kept the set built on the property along with several prop pieces inside the buildings.  I can see why this area was scouted by the producers of the series!!  It is a beautiful area that you can't get to by road, only walking!  

Blake was a wonderful sport in playing along with some of my shenanigans (since it's almost Halloween). But, he could also be a model too!  That HAIR!!  We had such a blast on this property, even enlisted his mom, Melissa into helping me with lighting!!!  She's a natural!!  Enjoy these photos and this handsome Senior!  Congratulations Blake, you'll do great!!

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The Yates Announcement So, I have been photographing this family for a while now, well, at least since Raegan was around 3 months old.  Now she is 18 months and going to be a big sister and you can tell from the photos that she is a little surprised, excited, confused and all of the above.  Nevertheless, I am so excited for Morgan and Nick and their new addition to their beautiful family.  I am so happy to show these photos and can't wait to follow her pregnancy!!  Definitely be watching for her maternity photos!!!

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Elijah Ballard Meet Elijah Ballard!!  A spunky, feisty, aspiring actor and dancer. I have known Elijah's dad since college, got to know his mom over the years as well.  His younger sister, Gracie, is also a young actress!!  When he needed some headshots, I was happy to oblige!!  We spent an afternoon in downtown Maryville, just walking around and then visited the Capital Theater where he showed me some of his dance moves!!  The camera truly loved him so there is no doubt in my mind he'll show up on the big screen some day! We had a great time and found some neat places to shoot!!  Even found a snake (he wasn't part of the shoot!!!!).  Enjoy Eli's photos, and watch for him in commercials or on stage!  Good Luck Eli!!


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